Rolite Keeps Metals Looking Their Best

Keep all of the shiny surfaces in your hotel and restaurant looking great.  Rolite comes in convenient one pound or two pound sizes.  From the back of the house to the front desk – Rolite will keep all metals shining.  Hardworking luggage carts and elevators will look like new!!

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We also carry Briwax to keep all of your woods gleaming!!


Keep your eyes open . . .

Rolite – you just never know on what you’ll be able to use it . . .

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Rolite on My Harley

We told you that you could use Rolite on metals to make them gleam  —  even Harley Davidson motorcycles.  A satisfied customer sent us this picture of his “ride” and also, read his comments!

Motorcycle 002

“. . . I used the Rolite on my motorcycle, WOW! can’t believe the shine that stuff puts on my chrome.  It’s like brand new.  Looks like a mirror. ”  FR from Boston, MA.

To FR  —  Nice Ride!  And thanks for letting us know that you’re satisfied with your results using Rolite.

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Elevator Cab Maintenance

Looking to keep the stainless steel in your elevator cab shining?  Our customers tell us that Rolite Premium Metal Polish is just the ticket you’re looking for.  Rolite comes in a handy 2-lb can  and can be used to remove not only fingerprints and dirt, but will also smooth out scuffs too.

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Two Pound Cans of Rolite

We’re pleased to let you know that we now have the 2-pound cans of Rolite Premium Metal Polish now in stock.  These are perfect for big jobs – such as luggage carts, stainless steel appliances, elevator cabs.

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Cleaning and Polishing Metals

Absolutely the best metal polish that we have found over the years is Rolite Metal Polish. Rolite does to metal what Briwax does for wood, it removes oxidation from the surface, restores the brilliant shine in polished metals and leaves a protective film to resist water spotting, fingerprints and dust.

This Aluminum dust pan that is over twenty-years old. Of course nothing has ever been done to it, it gets all the lousy jobs.


Look how Rolite cleaned it up!


We couldn’t clean the entire piece . . . you’d never believe what a difference it made!

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